Solar Energy System Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in a Solar Energy System?

  •  Protect yourself from rising energy costs.
  •  Add value to your home.
  •  It’s renewable. It will help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.
  •  It’s clean energy, which means it is better for the environment. The average solar PV residential system (based on 4kW), would save nearly 140 tons of carbon dioxide over its 30 year lifespan - equivalent to removing 25 cars from the road.

How much money will I save on my utility bill every month?

As with any energy system, consumption, behavior, and weather all play a role. Thus, your actual savings will depend on conditions and may vary over time. However, Sunergy uses some of the most efficient panels on the market to maximize your results. Many customers have gained total energy independence.

Keep in mind that in Texas, you can expect to produce more than you use in the summer and utilize the excess in the winter.

Are the rebates or incentives?

Yes! Rebates are plentiful on the local, state and federal level. Nearly every customer has taken advantage of some kind of rebate. Contact Sunergy to learn what incentives are available to you, or visit the home energy rebate section of our website.

How much does a Solar PV System cost?

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Our systems are very affordable, and often pay for themselves after 7 – 10 years. Total cost will depend on your energy needs as well as the specifics of the installation. We believe that solar energy is the right thing to do, and will work with homeowners to find the best possible price through rebates and incentives.

Are there financing options?

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We have several financing options. Contact a Sunergy representative to find the right option for you.

Will I need a building permit to install a Solar PV system?

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Yes, building permits are required throughout Texas. There is typically a general building/remodel permit as well as an electrical permit.